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Rottweiler Dachshund Mix. Mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier than full blood dogs and this is why designer or hybrid dogs are quickly becoming as popular as many of the AKC registered breeds. There are many registries where you can get registry papers including 5 generation pedigrees also. Trust us, not all mixed dogs look like mangy junkyard mutts which come on, are pretty cute too. In fact, here's a rule of thumb: when one gorgeous breed mates with another gorge.

Dachshund Terrier Mix Lifespan. Provided that your dachshund terrier mix remains in good health, you can expect your Dorkie to live as long as up to 16 years. Dachshunds typically have a life span of 12 to 16 years, whereas the lifespan of a terrier is in the region of 10 to 15 years. Dachshund Terrier Mix Exercise and Activity Requirements. From Gilbert: Jaxx is a Rottweiler Dachshund Mix. Dominate but friendly – loves to play and eat! Rescued him from the animal shelter at 2 months old. He has rott face n chest n Doxie body n legs. He was 12 lbs when I got him on Halloween. Now he is about 19 he is.

09/01/2007 · I am going to be looking at a 8mo old Daschund Rottweiler mix tomorrow and when i googled it,i just got one awful story.according to the owner,he is a very sweet,cuddly,playful dog that is great with kids and other dogs and he looks like a weiner dog except that his fur is rougher than your typical Daschund and he's heavier than. Dachshund Rottweiler mix- the best mix in the world. Dachshund Rottweiler mix- the best mix in the world. Visit. Discover. Doxie Puppies Dachshund Love Puppies For Sale Dachshunds Weiner Dogs Little Dogs Love Of My Life Baby Animals Animal Pictures. adorable doxie baby in. Check out our list of 15 incredible Rottweiler mixed breeds - these. I had a dog Ditka he needed more room to play so I had to rehome him, he was half rottie half dapple mini dachshund, that is so uncanny it could be him. Reply. random. February 12, 2018. this was no help plz anyone who has or had a rottweiler mix that has long tail with a.

Dachshund lab mix is a breed of dog that wants to please their owner and to show affection whenever they want to. It’s also gentle, sweet, and is an excellent watchdog to stay when your children are playing. The gentle nature of the Dachshund lab mix makes it a good companion for your children while playing. The result of a pitbull dachshund mix is a medium-sized dog with a muscular appearance. Since there is a significant difference in the look and personality of its two parents, the Dox-Bull carries unique characteristics that people may find interesting. 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Dachshund Pitbull mix. 12/02/2016 · Dachshunds, also known as sausage dogs, really are cute little doggies. That little waddle and their, well, sausage-shape, just gets us every time. So guess how adorable they'd be if you mixed them with 15 other dog breeds. An awful lot of people love Dachshunds. They don't shed a lot and don't take up much space. They are good in apartments. They are cute, smart, and affectionate. They are also stubborn, determined and sometimes sneaky. They like their own way about things and are not the easiest dogs to train. Here you can Know About All Dachshund Mixes with.

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